BSPOKE Brand Advisement At The Santa Fe Business Incubator

Photo: James Mowdy | BSPOKE Brand Consultancy

Photo: James Mowdy | BSPOKE Brand Consultancy

(San Francisco, CA) - An honor for BSPOKE to collaborate with The Santa Fe Business Incubator on Wednesday, August 8th and Monday October 15th, offering BSPOKE Office Hours brand advisement and consulting to SFBI clients, affiliates, and partner organizations. It’s been a pleasure getting to know SFBI Programs Manager Jessica Moose and CEO Marie Longserre; to learn about SFBI’s many achievements since its founding in 1997, as well as the organization's exciting projects, initiatives and goals as it grows influence, brand name recognition, real-world brand touch points and positive impact across all Santa Fe communities.

August results included two (2), in-depth SFBI client consults with a mid and late-stage startup founder, respectively. Topics included:  

  •  Process of constructing a cogent and compelling brand story

  • Optimal website user experience (UX)

  •  Intellectual property (IP) protection

  • How BSPOKE works with clients

  • Power of storytelling when pitching investors / VC's. 

October results included helping four (4) founders and small business owners:  

  • Deepen engagement around their mission

  • Utilize the power of video to explain their platform to subscribers while also touting high-value community partners and content creators

  • Understand why Instagram is the perfect app for this founder's visual storytelling (with a 'how-to' for this first-time user)

  • Learn why website user experience directly impacts brand perception, reception and fees charged for services

  • Focus on the value of our core business - doing what we do best while innovating new, untapped "low hanging fruit" client streams. 

Sincerest thanks to Marie and Jessica, both SFBIxBSPOKE experiences were clearly a success, so grateful for the opportunity to add some value to SFBI’s already-robust community experience for entrepreneurs, small business, makers, and startups.  BSPOKE looks forward to growing this collaboration, working together to assist Santa Fe’s small business and startup ecosphere. 

VISIT SFBI's website, as well as their FacebookTwitter and Instagram channels .