Because Branding: Naming | Armani Beauty

(San Francisco) -  In 2017, Armani Beauty worked with Korean actress, model and photographer Doona Bae to launch a LIPMAGNET shade "exclusively imagined for Korea." Named "Flame Coral" for the global market, the Korea-only, limited edition version was simply named after Doona herself. Doona's high fashion sensibility and binge-worthy acting chops are showcased in the global Netflix hit "Sense8." 

TAKE AWAY: When your muse and spokesmodel has the unique, effortlessly glamorous, and immediately identifiable *national* brand name recognition you want for your brand, that naming brief could be fairly obvious. Not too difficult to imagine, especially with 'bae' in the mix!

QUESTIONS:  What product(s) define your business? How does their brand-name recognition authentically brand you and/or your company in the marketplace?

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Originally published via Instagram on August 20, 2017.