Because Branding: Storytelling | Air Canada

(San Francisco) - To mark the 2017 rebranding of its aircraft livery and new uniforms, Air Canada launched "Air Canada: Achieving New Heights" video to showcase physical changes and make brand-critical connections (clip above). Per Air Canada: "2017 marks the 150th anniversary of Canada and the 80th birthday of Air Canada, our nation's flag carrier. On this landmark occasion, our airline is aiming higher and reaching further to strengthen our position as a global, customer-focused organization with a truly Canadian spirit."

TAKE AWAY:  As Canada's national carrier, Air Canada beautifully weaves its own brand story into a past, present and forward-looking story anchored in proud Canadian national identity. "To champion a brand - and a nation." 

QUESTIONS: What story or stories define your brand?  What people, places and things connect and define your brand in the global marketplace? How do they empower your brand stories? Leverage them?

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Originally published via Instagram on August 20, 2017.