BrandStoryNow returns to San Francisco Conservatory of Music


(San Francisco) - BrandStoryNow, an independent marketing training experience tailored for classical artists, returns to the San Francisco Conservatory of Music on March 5, 2016. Originally launched at SFCM in November 2016, BSN evolved from consultant James Mowdy's 2015 work with client Santa Fe Opera. 

BSN's philosophy is simple. Classical artists, like small businesses, are brands. As such, they require the same kind of small to medium size business plan and planning that a brick and mortar and/or start up requires. Mowdy, who has worked with classical music clients Musica Marin and Berger Artist Management, as well as Brian Asawa, Diana TashJonathan Blalock and Kelli Butler, sees these artists as they see themselves - the original-and-still-going-strong gig economy. To that, the global arts playing field continues to become more crowded and competitive, especially in the US. With the National Endowment of the Arts potentially under threat, its disappearance could be a direct hit on small companies and arts organizations who depend on NEA funds to mount their work, productions. This example, coupled with our ongoing, national arts funding crisis, dictates that artists themselves - not management - must know how to tell a compelling business brand story across social media and real-life if any career ROI is to be realized. 

Beginning with a discussion of brand identity, BrandStoryNow attendees will discover how to tell a strategic brand story about themselves, the critical importance of real as well as pie-in-the-sky business goals, and how to build out online and real-world strategies that connect the moving parts of their brand. An in-depth discussion of KPIs (key performance indicators)social media metrics across different platforms, and relevant classical artist case studies will also be offered, as well as an open Q&A session.

"Presenting BrandStoryNow at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music is an amazing honor, " says Mowdy. "My father was a stagehand and sound technician at the American Conservatory Theatre in the '70s and '80s, so I've always had great respect for arts institutions, as well as their actual brick and mortar structures. To physically share BrandStoryNow at SFCM - and hopefully add value - is time wonderfully spent." 

BrandStoryNow applies business brand marketing concepts and approaches to The Small Business of You.™ Please register for our March 5, 2017 event from 11AM-1PM via Eventbrite.  Classroom space is extremely limited, no waitlist.

Published via LinkedIn | February 16, 2017