Fall 2017 "Head, Heart & Hustle" podcast interview!


(San Francisco) - Guess what? I recently did my first podcast interview with Head, Heart and Hustle, "The Podcast for Creatives."  HH&H's founder, Philadelphia-based Digital Marketing Strategist Extraordinaire Allen Plummer, approached me on Twitter several months ago, and we connected via phone in late May (he in Philadelphia and me in the Bay Area). His questions covered #Operatawk storytelling across Periscope, the here, now and possible future of my creative journey, and some out-of-left-field questions that caught me delightfully off-guard. Our podcast will air this fall, will update status here as well as across social media - stay tuned!  

Excerpted from HeadHeartandHustle.com: "Anyone with a side hustle or creative outlet can feel isolated from friends, family, and others around them who just don’t get their passion. That’s why Head Heart and Hustle exists – to help you feel motivated, to learn, and to get a pick-me-up of creative energy from other people like you. In every episode, we interview a creative individual who doesn’t just pretend to be creative. They’ve rolled up their sleeves and are producing great things because they need to; they know that being creative is part of who they are."   Such an honor to be included, my sincerest thanks to Allen!

Connect with Allen on LinkedIn, as well as Twitter