European Pitch Night Shines Bright in San Francisco

Opening remarks for SACCSFSV & EuroCham's European Pitch Night at DocuSign San Francisco | April 10, 2019 | Photo: JBM

Opening remarks for SACCSFSV & EuroCham's European Pitch Night at DocuSign San Francisco | April 10, 2019 | Photo: JBM

(San Francisco, CA) - BSPOKE attended this week's, second-ever European Pitch Night, again hosted by DocuSign San Francisco, spearheaded by The Swedish American Chamber of Commerce San Francisco and Silicon Valley for EuroCham, the Bay Area's consortium of European chambers. 

First up was Nom Nom Now's Chief Revenue Officer Benoit VialleThe French American Chamber of Commerce San Francisco's nominated startup, Benoit said his company name once but no discernible branding or logo on his pitchdeck. However, "responsible food for pet parents" i.e. pet food tailored for a given pet's micro biome, recalled BSPOKE's prior work with UCSF, a common thread across several projects. Pleasure to meet Benoit, hope to create connection for him, Nom Nom Now and UCSF contacts. 

The next startup represented the California Spain ChamberPropCrowd succinctly presented their global real estate investment platform. From their website: “PropCrowd is the collective real estate investment platform that allows you to invest in a simple, safe and diversified way from only €100." The company has 106 investors since being founded six months ago, and has sold 2 properties with a 15% return. Centered on Spain and the USA, PropCrowd was originally founded in Dubai. As expected, a question regarding a possible global recession resulted in a great response from CEO/co-founder Miguel Manzanas: the company is currently developing a secondary market operation for their tech so as to provide investor exit if requested or required.

Tooso, our evening's third presenter, represented for BAIA The Business Association Italy America. From their website: "Tooso provides AI to transform eCommerce search into a personalized and interactive experience." CEO Ciro Greco went through many examples and deep explainer pieces, but it was difficult to catch a sound byte and slides went by quickly; the time limit worked against Greco, good stuff that required more than 5 minutes, or perhaps a truncated preso. Audience questions resulted in Greco's clear-throated assertion that their AI would automatically improve questioner's UX. Currently, Tooso has six live customers. Responding to a go to market question, the company has thus far been successful through referrals within their given verticals. Also, after real-time app voting, they were the evening's winner! BRAVI.

The evening's "deep AI" was presented by Rulai. Lyft is one of their chatbot clients. Sponsored by BelCham USA, Rulai founder Marc Vanlerberghe was an excellent presenter, but his preso was too busy, so it was easier (and more entertaining) just to watch him. Marc was cowbell'ed for going over his five minutes, but most of us seemed very willing to listen. One audience member asked what would happen if a human started arguing with a customer service chatbot. Apparently, said bots disclose that they are bots and voice analysis abilities allow them to escalate to human beings, or as requested. One interesting factoid: when bots announce what they are, humans often utilize simpler language and adjust expectations in order to meet their goals through bots. Rulai's current verticals: life sciences, financial services and hospitality.

Kudos to DocuSign and The Swedish American Chamber of Commerce of San Francisco and Silicon Valley, an excellent and worthwhile event. JM

Originally published via Instagram on April 11, 2019.