Why You Still Need to Work Your Twitter Cocktail Party

(San Francisco) - My 2014 "Twocktail" collaboration with writer, illustrator and all-around genius Graham Gremore began when I realized I needed a video to explain my business to small business clients. In 2013, I'd come across Graham's "Whole Foods" related video and was immediately hooked on his illustrations and left of center sense of humor. We met, agreed to collaborate, and recorded my sections of the video in December 2014. Graham proceeded with his magic, launching his original video on February 19, 2014.

Although this slightly edited version of Graham's work is being relaunched almost four years later, it still resonates, even in the age of Trump. Twitter remains the great "twocktail party" of social media, allowing anyone to meet anyone if they "work the room." Granted, that room now feels like Grand Central Station with three protests and two marching bands playing simultaneously, but this invaluable portal to the open internet allows anyone or any brand to network their ideas, products, and passions (online and in the real world).

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Written and Produced by Graham Gremore. Illustrated and Conceived by Graham Gremore, based upon a concept by James Mowdy. Performed by Graham Gremore. Featuring James Mowdy as himself.  Connect with Graham Gremore on Facebook and Twitter.